Does improving vision improve academic performance?

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Can improving visual skills improve academic performance? That is the question that a clinical study involving 2nd grade students answered recently. Pre-therapy (before receiving therapy) and post-therapy (after receiving therapy) academic scores were taken. These are some of the findings:

• pre-therapy standardized reading and math scores were significantly HIGHER in the children who DID NOT HAVE VISUAL SKILLS DEFICITS than in the children who suffered from visual skills deficits

• visual skills deficits IMPROVED in the students who received therapy

• standardized math scores and reading scores IMPROVED in students who had received therapy compared to their pre-therapy scores

• post-therapy math scores IMPROVED to the point that there was no statistical difference between children who initially had visual skills deficits versus those who did not have visual skills deficits

• post-therapy standardized reading scores, though significantly improved, were not as high as the children who did not initially have visual skills deficits

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Post-Concussion Reading Problems

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Up to 90% of people who have suffered a MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY report having subsequent READING PROBLEMS. After the concussion, 90% of these people have fine eye movement problems, 40% have difficulties properly focusing their eyes and 50% report light sensitivity. These visual problems will adversely affect: 1. ability to scan across a sentence, 2. ability to keep words clear and accurate, 3. comfort while reading and 4. maximum reading duration. Returning to normal daily activities can be severely hindered by post-concussion reading problems. Visual skills therapy has been shown to provide long-term relief to the above symptoms. We specialize in visual skills therapy. Contact us at Bright Eye Care & Vision Development.