Does improving vision improve academic performance?

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Can improving visual skills improve academic performance? That is the question that a clinical study involving 2nd grade students answered recently. Pre-therapy (before receiving therapy) and post-therapy (after receiving therapy) academic scores were taken. These are some of the findings:

• pre-therapy standardized reading and math scores were significantly HIGHER in the children who DID NOT HAVE VISUAL SKILLS DEFICITS than in the children who suffered from visual skills deficits

• visual skills deficits IMPROVED in the students who received therapy

• standardized math scores and reading scores IMPROVED in students who had received therapy compared to their pre-therapy scores

• post-therapy math scores IMPROVED to the point that there was no statistical difference between children who initially had visual skills deficits versus those who did not have visual skills deficits

• post-therapy standardized reading scores, though significantly improved, were not as high as the children who did not initially have visual skills deficits

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Vision Exams for School

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A child’s vision may change frequently during the school year without the student or parent noticing. Vision includes a child’s eyesight, the need for a prescription as well as visual skills such as focusing, eye coordination, fine eye movements and more. Academic success requires many different moving parts, and one of these important but often overlooked aspects is vision.

Take this FBISD school holiday on Friday to have your child’s eyes checked especially if he/she shows some of the following symptoms: avoidance of reading, excessive rubbing or blinking of eyes, short attention span, headaches, loses place often while reading, difficulty remembering what has just been read, holding materials too closely, words seem to move on the page, seeing double, uses finger to maintain place while reading, reads very slowly, skips or omits words when reading, poor reading comprehension, print appears to go in and out of focus, eyes hurt or feel tired after only a few minutes of reading, makes errors while copying, crooked or poorly spaced writing, feels unusually tired after reading, re-reads words or sentences, unusual head posture when reading or doing near-work, eyes become watery or red when reading.

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