Dry Eyes and Kids

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DRY EYES and KIDS. One of the results of smartphone or computer use in children, regardless of whether it’s for academics or for play, is dry eye disease. In a study involving more than 900 students, clinicians discovered that smartphone or computer use was strongly associated with dry eye disease. Staring at screens increases the thickness of the tear film thereby leading to dry eye disease in students. The long-term risks of dry eye disease include increased risk of eye infections, damage to the front surface of the eye and difficulty performing every day tasks like reading and writing. For more information and to have your child’s eyes evaluated, contact us at Bright Eye Care & Vision Development.


Applying Makeup to Contact Lenses?!

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Cosmetics will cake onto contact lenses within 30 minutes of application according to research studies. These deposits can affect vision, comfort and health of contact lens wear. Here are some precautions to take if you wear makeup and contact lenses:

  1. Wash hands before inserting contact lenses
  2. Insert contact lenses prior to any facial product
  3. Remove contacts prior to removing makeup
  4. Apply hairspray or aerosol deodorant prior to insertion
  5. Use water-soluble makeup or those labeled safe for contacts
  6. Avoid waterproof mascara and eye makeup containing nylon or rayon fibers. These can lodge underneath the contacts and scratch the cornea.
  7. Eyeliner applied to the inner lid can clog tiny glands and lead to irritation and inflammation.
  8. Frosted or glittery eye shadows contain particles that can harm the eye if trapped    underneath the contact lens.
  9. Oily makeup removers can cause a cloudy film over the contacts affecting vision and health.
  10. Remove makeup daily with a good makeup remover that works well with contact lenses.

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