Myopia, or nearsightedness, is believed to be caused by multiple factors occurring in one individual.  In other words, there are many factors that seem to be associated with myopia development.  For example, recent research indicates that first-born children are more likely to have myopia than younger siblings.


What glasses are best for my young child?

How to pick children's glasses

One of the common concerns for children’s glasses is whether the glasses will fit properly. Because kids’ faces are not just miniature grown-up faces, many frames will slide off or become misaligned easily. An ill-fitting pair of glasses can adversely affect vision and even breathing patterns because of the shape of children’s noses. Since a child’s nose and cheeks change as he grows, a pair of glasses will need to be able to change with him for the proper fit and performance. A common misconception amongst parents is that they should order a pair of frames that are a little bigger so that the child can grow into it. However, this will only add to the poor fit because the larger size will cause the glasses to slip and misalign easily. A child needs a child-specific pair of frames rather than a down-sized adult frame. We have the solution with custom-fit frames for your child.

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