Concussions on the Rise

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Concussions are on the rise. Visual problems arising from the brain trauma are often initially overlooked and may not even appear until awhile after the injury. Clinical studies indicate that between 50-90% of concussion patients suffer from visual dysfunctions. These symptoms include blurred vision, sensitivity to light, reading difficulty, headaches with visual tasks and eye movement difficulties. We are able to diagnose and treat brain injury-related eye changes, visual dysfunctions and visual processing deficits.

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Post-Concussion Reading Problems

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Up to 90% of people who have suffered a MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY report having subsequent READING PROBLEMS. After the concussion, 90% of these people have fine eye movement problems, 40% have difficulties properly focusing their eyes and 50% report light sensitivity. These visual problems will adversely affect: 1. ability to scan across a sentence, 2. ability to keep words clear and accurate, 3. comfort while reading and 4. maximum reading duration. Returning to normal daily activities can be severely hindered by post-concussion reading problems. Visual skills therapy has been shown to provide long-term relief to the above symptoms. We specialize in visual skills therapy. Contact us at Bright Eye Care & Vision Development.

Vision Training Decreases Frequency of Concussions

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Vision training decreases the frequency of concussions by 80% in football according to research. A Division I college football program compared the frequency of concussions on their teams from 2006-2009 that did not receive vision training to their teams from 2010-2013 that did receive vision training. In addition to the reduced number of concussions, the teams that received vision training also experienced less missed playing time due to injury. The study’s principal author concluded that vision training broadened the athletes’ field of awareness which helped them react faster to their changing environment to avoid injury-causing collisions.

We have helped a number of athletes through vision training. Concussions have long-lasting effects. Football is the number one cause of concussions for boys’ athletics while soccer is the number one cause in girls’ athletics. Girls soccer produces the second highest incidence of concussions regardless of gender. If you or someone you know is playing a contact sport, please let them know that we can help them better avoid injury and play better through our vision training program.

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