Keeping an Eye on ADHD

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Eye movements have been shown to be an accurate, objective way to diagnose ADHD in children. In a recently published study, eye movement testing was able to diagnose ADHD accurately in approximately 96% of children.

Traditionally, there has not been a single objective test to diagnose ADHD. Rather, ADHD has been diagnosed through questionnaires and symptoms criteria set forth by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These questionnaires have shown an accuracy of approximately 78%.

If your child is suspected of having ADHD, research and clinical experience indicate that thoroughly evaluating their eye movements is wise. Doing so can help confirm diagnosis. In addition, improving eye movements has been shown to improve ADHD symptoms without the use of medications.

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Back to School, Vision and Attention

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Here are the results of a clever study: Students who DID NOT have ADHD or visual skills problems, were temporarily MADE TO HAVE a visual skills problem by the research team. Their sustained attention dropped significantly as tested by the Conners CPT compared to before they were made to have a visual skills problem. The research team concluded that visual skills affect sustained attention and that visual skills problems often compound the symptoms of inattention.

Does your child lose concentration easily when asked to read, write or complete near-work? Visual skills might be playing a role in his/her inattention. Schedule a visual skills exam in addition to a yearly eye exam.

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