Applying Makeup to Contact Lenses?!

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Cosmetics will cake onto contact lenses within 30 minutes of application according to research studies. These deposits can affect vision, comfort and health of contact lens wear. Here are some precautions to take if you wear makeup and contact lenses:

  1. Wash hands before inserting contact lenses
  2. Insert contact lenses prior to any facial product
  3. Remove contacts prior to removing makeup
  4. Apply hairspray or aerosol deodorant prior to insertion
  5. Use water-soluble makeup or those labeled safe for contacts
  6. Avoid waterproof mascara and eye makeup containing nylon or rayon fibers. These can lodge underneath the contacts and scratch the cornea.
  7. Eyeliner applied to the inner lid can clog tiny glands and lead to irritation and inflammation.
  8. Frosted or glittery eye shadows contain particles that can harm the eye if trapped    underneath the contact lens.
  9. Oily makeup removers can cause a cloudy film over the contacts affecting vision and health.
  10. Remove makeup daily with a good makeup remover that works well with contact lenses.

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Improper Contact Lens Use Leads to More Complications Than We Think

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According to a new report by the CDC, improper contact lens use sends people to the doctor or emergency rooms many more times per year than we might realize – almost 1 million times per year.  The greatest risk factor for contact lens complications according to the CDC is the improper use of contacts.  Unfortunately, studies show that between 40-90% of contact lens wearers do not follow proper wear and care instructions for their contacts.  Eye infections that can lead to blindness affect approximately 1 in 500 contact lens wearers every year.  According to the CDC report, bad habits such as sleeping in contact lenses, not throwing away contact lenses as frequently as instructed, using old cleaning solution, swimming in contacts and not replacing cases frequently enough increase the risk of complications many fold.  For more information, please visit the CDC site:

Cosmetics and Contact Lenses Sugar Land

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High-powered microscope view of contact lens deposits.

Estimates indicate that seventy percent of women use makeup around the eyes.  According to clinical studies, relatively large amounts of cosmetics migrate onto the eye’s surface within thirty minutes of application.  Cosmetic products, especially those that are marketed as “waterproof”, have been implicated in contact lens complications.  Mascara and eyeliner deposits on contacts have been shown to do the following to contact lenses:

1) change the physical shape of the contact lens

2) change the chemical characteristic of the contact lens

3) change the performance of the contact lens during wear.

All three of the above mentioned complications caused by cosmetic buildup on contacts can affect comfort, consistency of eyesight and health of the eyes with contact lens wear.  Other studies have also shown that cosmetic deposits on contact lenses can worsen dry eye symptoms and low-grade inflammation of the front surface of the eyes.

The following are suggestions for improving simultaneous contact lens wear and cosmetics use:

1) Insert lenses before applying makeup.

2) Remove lenses before using makeup removers.

3) Use proper contact lens materials that better resist deposits from cosmetics.

4) Use proper contact lens cleaners that do a better job of removing cosmetic buildup.

5) Use proper contact lens modalities that better resist deposits from cosmetics.

6) Dispose of mascara every three months.

7) Avoid the use of soaps with moisturizers when inserting or removing contacts.

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“Eye-Opening” Contact Lens Statistics


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* 10 times greater risk of infection when patients sleep in contact lenses compared to wearing the lenses only during the day

* 4 times greater risk of infection when wearing lenses beyond the recommended replacement schedule

* 1.5 to 2 times greater risk of infection in patients who do not wash their hands before handling their contact lenses

* up to 75% of patients do not “rub and rinse” their contact lenses when disinfecting them

* close to 1 out of every 4 patients do not use new disinfecting solution every night

* the use of old disinfecting solution increases the risk for infection

* up to 80% of patients do not clean their contact lens case daily

* 3.7 times greater risk of infection with dirty contact lens cases

* Acanthamoeba cysts may be present in tap water and can survive for years even after the water evaporates

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Sports Tinted Contacts Can Help

Bryce Harper

Athletes like Bryce Harper (baseball), Marques Colston (football) and Justin Leonard (golf) do it. Could it help you?

Sports-tinted contacts have been shown to help athletes recover vision faster in bright sunlight, achieve better visual recognition in bright sunlight and improve visual performance when alternating between bright and shaded conditions. This means that a batter who is in the shade looking out at the brightly lit mound will be able to see the pitcher’s release point and spin of the ball better as it moves from the sunshine into the shade. This also means that a tennis player playing on a hot, sunny day will be able to better pick up the tennis ball off their opponent’s racquet. By improving the ability to quickly and clearly identify objects in varying lighting conditions and against backgrounds of varying color, an athlete can improve sports performance. There are two ways to improve this skill: 1) Sports Vision Training ( and 2) Sports Tinted Contacts (

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