Amblyopia Affects Reading

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  • Approximately 1-2 children in every classroom will suffer from amblyopia
  • Amblyopia is the most common one-eyed vision impairment in children
  • Amblyopia slows down reading speed

Reading is heavily reliant on a person’s vision. The parts of vision that are important in reading include eyesight as well as other visual skills such as eye coordination, eye focusing and fine eye movements. Clinical studies show that children with amblyopia read approximately 25% slower than their non-amblyopic counterparts. These studies involve “normally-reading” students rather than those diagnosed with a reading disability. Reading speed affects fluency, and fluency affects comprehension.

Amblyopia is the inability to see 20/20 out of each eye even with optical correction despite the absence of eye disease. Differentiating children who are actually amblyopic versus those who would be able to see 20/20 with a prescription is important. The prognosis for amblyopia is good if it is detected early enough, diagnosed properly and subsequently treated appropriately.

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