Dyslexia, Reading Disability and Vision

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Students who experience the following vision-related symptoms were shown to have more academic difficulties according to a clinical study involving elementary school children:

• Headaches with near work
• Words running together when reading
• Burning, itching or watery eyes
• Skipping/repeating lines when reading
• Head tilt/closing one eye when reading
• Difficulty copying from the board
• Avoiding near work/reading
• Omitting small words when reading
• Writing uphill or downhill
• Misaligning digits in columns
• Holds reading materials too closely
• Trouble maintaining attention when reading
• Difficulty completing assignments on time
• Always says, “I can’t” even before trying
• Clumsy, knocks things over
• Loses things/belongings
• Forgetful/poor memory

If a child is struggling at school and he/she is experiencing any of the above, then a visual skills evaluation would be recommended. A routine eye exam would not uncover undiagnosed visual skills problems that may be contributing to that child’s academic struggles.

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