Excessive Smartphone Use Caused Eye-Turn

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Parents should find this next post interesting. A new study involving adolescents reported 12 cases of newly developed eye-turn due to excessive smartphone use. The study also reported a significant improvement in the eye-turn after decreasing smartphone use. This is a rare condition and is a diagnosis of exclusion. The authors of the study believed that poor near visual skills may have contributed to these 12 adolescents being more susceptible to developing an eye-turn.

Smartphone use is becoming more common. 64% of American adults now own a smartphone compared to 35% in 2011. 73% of teens have access to smartphones, and 91% go online via mobile technology daily. Mobile technology is part of the fabric of society, and this is often a good thing. At the same time, there are certain precautions, other than reducing usage time, that should be taken to protect your visual system while making the most of advancing mobile technology.

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