Sports Tinted Contacts Can Help

Bryce Harper

Athletes like Bryce Harper (baseball), Marques Colston (football) and Justin Leonard (golf) do it. Could it help you?

Sports-tinted contacts have been shown to help athletes recover vision faster in bright sunlight, achieve better visual recognition in bright sunlight and improve visual performance when alternating between bright and shaded conditions. This means that a batter who is in the shade looking out at the brightly lit mound will be able to see the pitcher’s release point and spin of the ball better as it moves from the sunshine into the shade. This also means that a tennis player playing on a hot, sunny day will be able to better pick up the tennis ball off their opponent’s racquet. By improving the ability to quickly and clearly identify objects in varying lighting conditions and against backgrounds of varying color, an athlete can improve sports performance. There are two ways to improve this skill: 1) Sports Vision Training ( and 2) Sports Tinted Contacts (

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